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Regular Upholstery Cleaning will no only improve the environment within your home it can also help extend the life of your furnishings.

Your soft furnishings are probably one of the largest investments you have made within your household, certainly within the top five items such as the family car, a new kitchen, carpets and bathroom fittings!  It is important that you choose a professional, fully trained technician who is able to identify the fabrics and select the correct products to clean and extend the life of your delicate upholstery fabrics.

Elite Floor Care have an 8 step process for Upholstery Cleaning:

  1. Pre-inspection:
    Our technician will inspect and discuss with you any stains that may have permanent potential and what his expected results are.
  2. Power Vacuum:
    Whether you have already vacuumed or not, we will Power Vacuum so that the maximum amount of dry soil particulate is removed before moisture is applied. This system will ensure that the dry soil particulate stays in the bag and not back into your home as some traditional vacuum cleaners allow.
  3. Pre-Spot:
    Difficult spots are pretreated with special pre-treat solutions to exponentially increase removal.
  4. Soil Extraction and Rinse:
    The technician will then treat your upholstery with a solution specifically designed for your fabrics, this will be agitated by hand and then extracted using our professional machine.
  5. Post Spot:
    Any spots that are still remaining in your upholstery will require a specialty spotting treatment.
  6. Post Groom:
    The upholstery is then returned to its natural position with our professional upholstery groom.
  7. Post Cleaning Inspection:
    To ensure the highest quality cleaning experience our technician will your upholstery with you one last time and point out the results that only Elite Care can provide.
  8. Stain protection (optional):
    We offer a Stain Protector for upholstery which will help prolong the life of your furnishings.

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