Commercial Cleaning

Do you currently employ a professional commercial cleaning service?

At Elite Floor Care Specialists we specialise in cleaning carpets, upholstery and Tile & Grout so unlike general office cleaners we invest a lot of time and money on the best training and the best equipment.

We can give a one off clean or we can work out a maintenance programme for you with areas of different traffic levels being cleaned at different intervals.

If you would like to see how good your carpet can look after a professional commercial carpet cleaner has cleaned it? We are offering a free 200 Sq Ft demo!
Simply call me now on 0800 246 5383 to arrange a free demonstration of our cleaning (up to 200 square foot of your dirtiest carpets cleaned for free) and a free no-obligation quotation.

We are available to clean:

Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Shops, Doctors Surgeries, Sports Centres, Clubs, Pubs, B&B’s, Care Homes,Theatres,Bars, Cinemas, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Golf Clubs, clinics, Dentists, Hospitals, Night Clubs, Bingo & Conference halls, etc.

24 Hr Service (By appointment)

How you can keep your carpets looking great all year round:

Planned Cleaning

  • Preventive and cost effective
  • Extends carpet life
  • Focus is on keeping carpet looking clean
  • Eliminate “worn out areas of carpet, protects assets.

Unplanned Cleaning

  • Re-active and costly
  • Leads to premature replacement
  • Focus is on cleaning very dirty carpets
  • Lead to badly worn carpet areas.

For a FREE Demonstration and Quotation call us today on 0800 246 5838