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Protect yourself from cowboys – always ask for a cleaners NCCA accreditation

The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA)The National Carpet Cleaners’ Association (NCCA – exists to raise standards of expertise and knowledge among carpet, floor and upholstery cleaners, and thereby to protect the public and their furnishings from cleaners who are not properly trained.

Every member of the NCCA has undergone expert training – nobody can be a member without proper training.

NCCA members work to a stringent Code of Practice (NCCA Code of practice) that protects the customer.

It is important for the health of your family, and your furnishings, that the cleaner you use fully understands which cleaning materials are environmentally friendly, which can trigger allergies in susceptible people, such as asthmatics, and which solvents and cleaning fluids are appropriate to each of the many types of carpets and furnishing fabrics in people’s homes today.

The long life of your precious carpets and curtains depends on their being cleaned by an expert. Without regular cleaning, a carpet that could remain fresh and bright for thirty years will be dull and worn after as little as ten years. Which is why investing in expert cleaning makes sound financial sense.

So always look for an NCCA accredited cleaner, and always ask to see evidence of that accreditation before allowing a cleaner to work on your carpets, hard floors or furnishings.

part-of-the-alltec-network-from-elitefloorcarespecialists.comThe Alltec Network

We are also members of the Alltec Network (, a network of Carpet Cleaners all over the UK.  This group of professionals meet up at industry related events to swap ideas and the latest techniques.

The Alltec Network keep us up-to-date with information on new equipment and provide training and seminars regularly.