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Carpet Cleaning Leicester

If you are looking for thorough, deep down Carpet Cleaning Elite Floor Care can help restore our carpets to almost new condition!  See below for examples of work previously carried out.

Elite Floor Care Carpet CleaningElite Floor Care Services Carpet Cleaning

Here you can see a heavily soiled living room carpet with a lot of soiling where people feet have been, we call these traffic lane areas.

Carpet Cleaning Leicester Before Cleaning Picture from Elite Floor Care SpecialistsCarpet Cleaning Leicester After Cleaning from Elite Floor Care Specialists

The lighting darker in the after picture as it is later in the day when the sun isn’t as bright but you can see that most of the soiling has been removed and the colour is much more even through the carpet.

The marks that you can see are quite common and are called Traffic Areas, simply because these are the area’s that see the most traffic.  If front of the Sofa’s here is where the customers family rest their feet whist sitting.

To achieve the results shown we pre-treated the carpets using a professional Pre-spray and agitated the solution to enhance it.  We allowed a few minutes dwell time to allow the solution to work thoroughly.

We then extracted the solution using professional equipment to make sure that all the products have been removed.  If product is left behind in the carpets this can cause premature re-soiling (your carpets will look dirty quicker).

A Testimonial for Carpet Cleaning Leicester

Here is what the customer said after we had cleaned the carpets.