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Patio Cleaning and sealing…brought back to life.

Patio cleaning and sealing

It was a sunny day and just arrived at the clients house. Patio cleaning to begin.

Patio cleaning Preperation
Two weeks before We (Elite Floor Care ) applied weedkiller to the weeds in the joints of the block paving so that the weeds are killed right down to the bottom of the roots we then apply a path clear to help breakdown the black lichens.

On the day of the patio/Driveway cleaning we remove all the weeds/soiling and moss with weed removing tools and brush all the soiling up before starting the clean removing all pots, plants etc so that no area is left uncleared, if it can be moved we move it. No corners cut.

Now that the area is all clear of soiling we began the patio cleaning with high pressure machinery and wow we started to see the true colours of the original block paving. And brush away the access water. And brush and stubborn areas with a with brush

Finally after a very long day the back ,sides and front are cleaned and already you can see the whole house highlighted and brings it back to life to its natural glory. Then we do a inspection to make sure all areas have been clean to Elite Cares standards, which are the very best every time.

When the areas are finally dried we reapply a dry kiln sand and brush back in to the joints the strengthens and paving areas and enhances the appearance, wow it looks good.

Then we applied weed killer again which will help keep those nasty weeds at bay after a sealer is applied which helps prevent the build up of moss and lichens etc
This is applied evenly and once dried apply a second coats.

All pots, plants and garden furniture is put back into place and windows doors etc have all been cleaned down.

Now time to show the customer the results, If one word could explain their excitement (Amazing) we at Elite Floor Care provide the most personal and professional cleaning and restoration every time.

The customers are so happy they now want us to set a maintenance plan up to keep it looking like new and to clean their Carpets and Upholstery as well.

For further information please visit http://elitefloorcarespecialists.com

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Another happy customer 🙂

Cleaning sofa


Sofa/Settee cleaning today

Nice and bright day today time to make a sofa/settle the same. Arrived at the customers house on this morning and setup all the machinery ready. The job took a little while to process as we took our time to make sure the job was done properly. Sofa/settee and chair to complete.

Once finished we asked the customer to inspect the work. As per usual they were over the moon with our service.

If you require your sofa/settee professionally cleaning take a look at out website by visiting http://elitefloorcarespecialists.com

We are also specialists in floor/carpet cleaning  and also patio and driveway.

Cleaning sofa


Get your Patio cleaned for the BBQ season

Summer is around the corner, have your patio cleaned ready for the BBQ Season.

Did you know Elite Floor Care Specialists offer patio and block paving cleaning. See below our steps to making your Patio look as good as new. Over the past few days in the nice weather we have been sprucing up peoples gardens for them.

Our 7 Step Patio Cleaning Process

  1. We will provide a free written quotation and give you and estimate of the time that it will take to complete the clean.
  2. Two weeks before we will come to begin the cleaning process we will apply a weed killer, keeping away from any plants animals, ponds etc. to remove any weeds or moss before the final process.
  3. On the day of the cleaning process, all the dead weeds wil be removed from the area.
  4. Using our top of the range extraction machine we will use extremely hot, high pressured cleaning solutions and extract it back into our machine so that the soil will not spread everywhere as it can with a pressure jet washer
  5. We will then apply kiln dry sand to area and reapply a weed killer once again.
  6. A sealer will be applied which enhances the colour of the paving (this is optional)
  7. We will then ask you to reinspect the area to make sure you are 100% happy before we accepted your payment.

Take a look at some of the recent jobs and what a difference our Patio Cleaning Service offers. For further information please call 0116 4422083 or 0800 246 5383 or Click Here to visit our site.

Elite Floor Care Specialists offer:
• Carpet Cleaning
• Upholstery Cleaning
• Patio Cleaning
• Driveway Cleaning
• Block Paving Cleaning