Leather Cleaning Leicester

Leather Cleaning Leicester

Many people think that Leather is easy to clean and can just be wiped over with a cleaning cloth such as a Baby Wipe.  This can actually be damaging to the fabric as it removes the natural oils in the Leather leaving it more susceptible to damage and stains.

At Elite Floor Care Specialists we will use a professional cleaner, designed for your specific type of Leather and perform a deep clean.  After the cleaning process we will apply a refinishing cream to put the oils back into the fabric and form a protective layer.

Our 4 step process includes:

  1. Identifying the Leather, we will identify the type of Leather before we begin the cleaning process as not all types of Leather should be treated the same.
  2. Spot Cleaning, if there are any spots or spills that need special attention we will treat these before we perform the deep clean.
  3. Soil Extraction and Rinse, this is the deep cleaning part of the process.  We will either use our professional machine or clean the Leather by hand depending on the type of Leather.
  4. Finish and Protection, this is where we apply a finishing cream to restore the natural oils to the Leather and also leaves a protective finish to help prolong the life of the upholstery.

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