Leather Cleaning Leicester

Leather Cleaning from Elitefloorcarespecialists.comLeather Cleaning from Elite Floor Care Specialists

Everyone is guilty of quickly wiping off a mark on Leather Upholstery with a damp cloth or baby wipe as a quick solution but did you know that some ‘wipes’ that you may use on your babies bottom actually contains chemicals that will cause damage to Leather and they can remove the protective coating!

There are several different types of Leather which should be identified before any Leather cleaning takes place. We use professional cleaning products which have been developed for use on all the types of Leather.  We will identify the type of Leather used for your Upholstery before we use any cleaning products to ensure the best results.

Elite Floor Care have a 4 step process for Leather Cleaning:

  1. Identify the Leather:
    We will identify the type of Leather and the best solutions to use.
  2. Spot Clean:
    Any spots or spills will be treated to reduce any marks as best as we possibly can.
  3. Soil Extraction and Rinse:
    We will then clean the whole furnishing by hand and rinse thoroughly to make sure no residue is left behind.
  4. Finishing and Protection:
    The Leather cleaning process removes the protective coating on the Leather and needs to be reapplied after cleaning to protect the Leather.

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