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The process of Decking Cleaning should always be undertaken by a experienced professional using the correct equipment for the job.  The decking boards are pressure treated however, they need to be cleaned very carefully as they are still a soft material.

Rotary type machines should not be used when cleaning decking.  Although these machines are a great time saver they can be too aggressive and can damage the wood grain.  We will make sure that when we clean we work with the grain.

Below are a couple of the most common causes of deck staining and how best to prevent them:

Planters – Tubs and Pots etc on Timber Decks
When you move planters about on your deck, you are often left with areas that have not ‘faded’ at the same rate as the rest of the deck, or patches of algae growth under where the planters were. The damp areas under planters are ideal for algae.

One way to prevent these problems is to place the planters on plant stands – or even the small terracotta ‘feet’ that are available in any garden center.

Rust Marks
Rust marks can usually be removed using commercial rust remover, or even a very light sanding on a dry day. Prevention is best, paint the undersides of metal furniture to prevent this happening, avoid un-galvanized plant pots if possible.

Decking Furniture
More often than not decking furniture sits in exactly the same place on the deck month after month year after year. Move it around the deck from time to time when it is not being used, this will let sunlight get to the normally shaded area under the furniture, the decking will age evenly.

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