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Carpet Cleaning process – our 11 step guide.

  1. Carpet Cleaning Pre-inspection:
    Within our Carpet Cleaning inspection we will carry out a Healthy Home Audit when we first visit your home to provide a quotation.  We may carry out a burns test to identify the fibres, this involves us taking a very small fibre from a edge or corner of the carpet.We do this to make sure the correct solutions are used and to check for colour fastness.  We will then give advice on how to look after your carpets and provide a written quotation.
  2. Power Vacuum:
    Whether you have already vacuumed or not, we will Power Vacuum so that the maximum amount of dry soil particulate is removed before moisture is applied. This system will ensure that the dry soil particulate stays in the bag and not back into your home as some traditional vacuum cleaners allow.
  3. Furniture Moving:
    We will move what furniture we can to provide the highest quality cleaning service possible. Not all furniture can be moved but we can let you know what can be moved during the free estimate.
  4. Pre-Spot:
    Difficult spots are pretreated with special pre-treat solutions to exponentially increase removal.
  5. Pre-Treat:
    A preconditioning agent is applied to break down soils and general spots to provide you with the highest quality cleaning experience.
  6. Pre-Grooming:
    A professional carpet “rake” is used to agitate soils for further loosening and easier extraction.
  7. Soil Extraction and Rinse:
    The technician will then thoroughly rinse your carpet with a tool that is attached to our truck mounted cleaning machine.
  8. Neutraliser:
    This is a solution with mild acidity used to lower the alkaline levels, which neutralises the pH of your carpet. This actually softens your carpet.
  9. Post Spot:
    Any spots that are still remaining in your carpet will require a specialty spotting treatment.
  10. Post Groom:
    The carpet is then returned to its natural position with our professional carpet groom.
  11. Post Cleaning Inspection:
    To ensure the highest quality cleaning experience our technician will walk with you through your home one last time and point out the results that only Elite Care can provide.

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